Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May I be brash for a second, in expressing a stoned opinion? We are the Presidents. This vid was beautifully shot by Jordan Levine! Gratsi!!!

Excepter - Live at Glasslands (Record Release) - 02.16.10 from jordan levine on Vimeo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

6 AM: Knickerbocker + Troutman

I was strolling home with my records in tow from another stellar "Particularly Random" party @ Tandem. Oh, we had so much fun! Every one was on. I do love how James, Lloyd and I were all feeling the same wave length, this night. You should really come to the next one in June! They even have Lowenbrau! Where is the last place you were at that had Lowenbrau? Anyways, I get to the corner and this is what is going on in the reality of dawns early light.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


TONIGHT AT KNITTING FACTORY!!! EXCEPTER is back!!! We will Be supporting "Z'S" on the night of their RECORD RELEASE PARTY!!! NEW SLAVES is the name of their new record and I suggest that you check it out if you lean towards the Avant Garde end of music that resembles a human controlled weather system in the best way! MICK BARR is also gonna be in the mix with his Ax in tow. Sonic. Shredding. Passive. Violent. This stone cold mother is no joke. The Real Deal- ladies and Germs. Lots of nods to classical composition, and the evilest of guitar metal genius. SILK FLOWERS is also in the mix. I have only caught them live a couple of times and their sound is continually changing, based on what their two self released seven inches tell me.
THIS SHOW IS ALL AGES!!! Doors are at Seven PM.

Z's,Excepter,Silk Flowers

... AND ON TO THE 21 AND OVER SHOW. After the Excepter show, I am gonna skiddaddle on down to GLASSLANDS to joining a party that will already be in progress. It's the PENDU/FINGERED WEEKLY DISCO. SSPS will be performing with KONNICHIWA and THE GAMUT!!!
HARRISON of FINGERED plays records. I believe this will be a serious joint!!!