Tuesday, February 28, 2012


In the last year, following the tragedy, pretty much immediately afterwards, I became a Trucker. I'd already been a box trucker for the greater fine art world in the New York City area for a greater part of ten years. With a stint of OTR truckung in 2002 before this last year. My father trucked. My brother trucks. I can truck it up as well. Little fucking gear jammer. I didn't play live too often last year. I tried to keep playing as much as I could. Hotel life is fucking lonely. Playing in headphones sucks. Dragging your rig up two floors so you can set up too play for no one sucks after driving for eleven hours. Coming home feels crazy. Anyways, I am playing two shows this week, the first of which is tonight at a new venue called "Big Snow Buffalo Lodge" on the Southside of Williamsburg. There's gonna be an Aussie in the building, TIM COSTER will be bringing his noise from down under. Austrailian noise. I like the sound of that. Local legends- DRIP HOUSE will also grace the stage. Ex-2000Million10 bandmate and multimedia queen REBECCA GAFFNEY will be on the visuals with MATTHEW CARON to insure our eyes while we provide sound for your ears. Check the Facebook invite here---
No flyer...

And coming this FRIDAY!!! SSPS yucks it up again with a different set on the same theme @ LONE WOLF in BUSHWICK with JONAS REINHARDT and LONG DISTANCE POISON and BEHAVIOR. Heres another Facebook invitation---

We're ready to play. Are you ready to party? Expect something to bring you smoothly into the midweek tonight, and a trommeltrance on Friday. Din Da Da everybody! See ya at the show!

i'm back, assholes...
Beware the Double Bolo.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Year On- We Are Redwoods

There are pivotal moments in our lives shat continually shape the people that we currently become. Like a blind contour drawing, the continuous line moves straight, veering, bending, and suddenly with out notice, a hairpin turn. Squiggle. Scribble. Straight line. Veer right. Arc left. One day, the graphite runs out. The fingers of life push the graphite until nothingness is achieved on the page that is this world. All resources are tapped. The physical energy stops and there is seemingly no more. The energy put forth into the fetish object, as it were, can now emit that energy into the world for ever. One year ago, a dear friend left this world and forever altered multiple lives. When you hear word of a loved one moving on, it is so devastating. It crushes your soul, and for some time, you feel emptiness that is filled by despair and anger. Those, despair and anger, are fertilized by tears of love and remembrance. Something is sprouting out of the ground. Then one day, with out notice, there is change in the air. The dismal reality grows into hope, and with this new sprouting seed, it grows into a mighty Redwood, with the strength, and fortitude, it reaches into space, closer to Heaven, where we shall meet again.

Excepter with A.E.M. @ the DeMilles

A domino was tipped over. The dominoes were in the shape of a blind contour drawing that took our lives up to tis point to complete. When the last domino fell, it hit a star that in turn collapsed into a super nova displacing the nearby planets, satellites, space dust, sending everything into new orbits. As we continue to get used to our new orbits, our new places in space, there is an invisible bond that we are all experiencing at the same moment. Like some cosmic gas that has yet to be classified on the periodic table, we have all been bathed in the explosion. You put love into the universe and it is there for ever. The power of positive energy. Clare is a galaxy. She is not there and she is there. Are angels space gas?


I want to personally thank all of the all of you hardcore Excepters out there who had a kind word to say about our dear friend. Your positive energy is put out into the world from all over the world. Live the best life you can. Cherish the good times and learn from the bad ones. We'll keep on keepin' on, ownward into the 21st century, until someone turns the lights out on this place.

Pink Lake