Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I have been so busy this year, I have been an asshole with not finishing posts and have a ton of drafts. It's the story of my life. I am turning it into The Best of 2012. One of the best things was going to Europe, England, and Scandinavia.  Here's what I wrote after I'd returned home...

Team Excepter reconnect. Team Excepter form new alliances.Team Excepter Team Excepter does does it up. Team Excepter ties one on. Team Excepter leaves their mark. Team Excepter almost explodes. Team Excepter blows it up. I have been home for a minute now. They move so fast, these experiences. I'll keep it picturesque, and leave the print gossip to a minimum. All in all, we have met some great people, forged new alliances, recorded two new Excepter records. Here are the good moments, the awesome people, the beautiful land and rocking shows. I wish Nathan could have been there.I'd left my camera in Paris on the first day, and picked it up on the way back, in transit to the UK. So, this is where it begins.
Ah... thee old boots... After last years romp through Germany and Czech Republic, I would not go back with sneakers only. There was no question that I would bring my along Ol' Reliables. They were my third pair of Doc's. The first pair that I had gotten were hand me downs from Tony Brummel. 13 hole Ox Bloods. I cut 'em into 5 hole Chukka Doc's- Something unheard of in those days. That was in '87-88 I was wearing some combat boots that I had gotten from a friend of my sisters- Jojo, for 16$ in '86. Shit. It totally doesn't feel like it's been that long. In the early 90's after I had started bike messengering, one of the first things I did after I started making good money was buy myself some new shoes. I purchased 2 pairs of Doc's, a pair of blue suede creepers and a pair of black work boots for the winter. I lost the creepers in my move to the East Coast. I wore the shit out of these boots over the years. They fare so well on those cobblestone ass streets that Europe has to offer.
While sight seeing, we passed Danger Mouses apartment (as seen above).
Hackney Wick.
The Projects
It was the first sunny day in 2 months and London was feeling it!
Swany River 
We're always paying close attention to the walls of the world here at the SSPS. "Raybees" Caught my eye.
House boats. How Romantic!
It's always a kick seeing US writers abroad. Here's brother Haculla from NYC.
UK Clint- Going for his!!!
Had a little snacky poo...
.... and more walking...
This little guy lived next to former headquarters to Psychic TV...

Note: PTV Studded Cross in door. Fresh- right?
Down the street from the Death Factory.
Too Busy For Bullshit

Mama's costumer alumni are all over the world. Look- Its Penny Arcade! 
The Pepole we met along the way were top notch! Erica shows off her new "ghost skills" for the camera with Thomas. Was your name Thomas? Someone help!.
... but not for Simon. He isn't having it.

Erica and I saw a real passport from Third Reich era Germany
Scary? Maybe. Interesting? Definitely! History is like that...
We at Team Excepter in no way support National Socialism
Here's Robert and me controlling thangs at UPSET THE RHYTHYM
Lala giving us Flute Power Realness
Oh, dear.
 Ha ha!
 Mmmmm mmmph!
 'ello, chaps!
 Of course, The Griffin did us right!

The Hurting
The spirit of Keith Moon
Paul and Susan were the consummate hosts!
 At the British Mexican Restaurant

 At the Indian Restaurant. Dude on the right was the best soundman in England!!!
I don't remember these folks' name, but the curly haired dude and I talked fine art for a while. Great people!!! If anyone remembers their names, please lemme know...

  More Tomorrow!!!