Sunday, January 17, 2010


So... Since quitting my job, I have been playing my ass off. It's been a hoot, playing all over the greater downtown Manhattan and North Brooklyn club scene and what ever that entails. This last weekend of shows is gonna be insane starting with the Market Hotel show, this coming Friday night, the 22nd...
... This party is going to be a fun night. Market Hotel is really sizzling, right now with their late night activities. I was just there for (DJ) Harvey...

... He is no doubt, a late night master. I like this Ballaeric/ Cosmic revival that seems to be taking place in certain facets of electronic music. Anyways, the "Mazing Vids", who've been tearing it up for the last 10 years, and "Further Reductions" (Sean from Led Er Est with the fabulous Katie Rose) are going to be playing live, as well. The Dj's, Luke Solomon, Ron "The Falcon" Morrelli and me are gonna make the Sun rise proper. This is one Not to be missed!!!

NEXT UP 23 JAN, 2010 --- EXCEPTER with TELECULT POWERS @ ZEBULON in brooklyn!!!
I am excited to say the least about, really kicking off 2010! Space music indeed, on this night!!! You can hit --- for information!

Lastly, 24 JAN, 2010 SSPS @ GLASS HOUSE in Brooklyn...
See ya' this weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Veronica on Revel NY


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Excepter:New Years Eve 1009 - 10

In my tenure with Excepter, I have missed 3 shows for one reason or another. It is the rare chance for me to look at Excepter from the outside, as I did, so long ago. I have made my decision... EXCEPTER STILL RULES!!! This is a special line up with MV Carbon (Metallux)on the Electric Chello, Chris Anderson (Ex- Ghost Exits) on Bass, Robert "JAWS" Girardan on electronics, along with JF, Dan, Lala, and Victory. Nathan and Claire were miles away in Colorado. I was down the street, doing my annual New Years party @ Rubulad (that ended up getting busted). At least we had Midnight...
This Year is going to be great creatively. I'm ready. Are you?