Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deep Disco Drums

Here at the blog, we love us some deep disco drums. In fact, my first affair with any instrument was the snare drum in the Palisades Chieftans grade school band. Two years later, I'd get my first Bass Guitar from my skateboard buddy, Rob Hogan and yadda, yadda, yadda. I've spoken about my journey into music, many times. It doesn't get old for me, however, I hate typing it out. Anyways. I love percussive music. I am thinking about what records to pull from the collection when I ring in 2010 at Rubulad in Brooklyn. Here is a taste of some of what I might be bringing with me to the party. It is going to be wild. I will do my best to document it and post it on the internet for your listening pleasure. Cha Cha Ciao!!!

Charlie Calello Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing
The first time I ever heard this song was from DJ Rush. From the second those toms started pounding, the whole party shifted into high gear. It was the first time I'd ever see serious dancing on the verge of anarchy, that wasn't related to punk. It might even be the first time that I'd danced with a room packed full of people, guys and girls, shoulder to shoulder, dancing, laughing and screaming, all together. Before this, for me, dancing was restricted to the pit, slow jams at school dances, or on pieces of cardboard, breakdancing with the boys...

Boney M - Night Flight to Venus
My mother had "Take The Heat Off Me" in her collection, so when I spied this record, I had to get it. One would buy it (or any Boney M record) for the cover alone.

Idrus Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
This one is a Redlite classic. Redlite is the group effort between SSPS and BELOW UNDERGROUND. 2010 will see the REDLITE 12". More on that later.

Nicky Siano - Tiger Stripes
This one reminds me of Juan Chavez. It was awesome when records like this were the records in the dollar bins at the record stores that no one cared about hearing.

T Connection - Do What You Wanna Do
This record makes me want to beg Gene Ferris to play a disco set, again.

Undisputed Truth -Big John Is My Name
... and you all know who I am...

Marsha Hunt - On the Other Side of Midnight
... and that's where we'll see each other...

2010 is Go!!!!

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