Monday, April 19, 2010


It is a common nightmare among most people. The idea that you could be robbed or burglarized. Too be violated. Too have all of your gear stolen out of the van on tour. This just happened to my friend's band TERRIBLE EAGLE, while in Italy.TERRIBLE EAGLE BTL 2010 And I thought that my CZ101, falling into a puddle of gutter water last Friday night, while loading in during a rainstorm, wasn't bad enough!!! It would have sucked worse to have gone to the van, and find it all gone. They had ten shows left, too. I wonder if they'll finish, somehow? I've heard that Napoli was historically a pretty ghetto city. Too have anything stolen from you, it's so goddamned violating. One couldn't help but to swear, it's so incredibly, fucked up.TERRIBLE EAGLE
In their words:
"our van was broken into and our gear stolen. we are stranded in napoli. and totally fucked."

here is their myspace:

Please, spread this among those who might care. It is unfortunate. It is D.I.Y. It is some bullshit. Stay Strong, Terrible Eagle. May you catch the thieves, and punish them. May you finish your tour. May you make it home safely.

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