Saturday, June 25, 2011


CREEPY TEEPEE 2011, originally uploaded by A.M.180 collective.

It has been confirmed that SSPS will be making it's first trip to Europe too play shows in The Czech Republic and Germany. Of course, I'll keep you updated on the progression as it draws closer. As it stands, the first show is going too be on the 28 July, 2011 in KUNTA HORA, CZECH PERUBLIC at the 3rd edition of the CREEPY TEEPEE Independent Music Festival, curated by A.M.180 Crew.
The festival is taking place at the Galerie Středočeského kraje - GASK / Czech Museum of Fine Arts. The festivities are taking place From the 28TH through the 31ST of July, 2011. SSPS Plays on the first night, which also happens too be my birthday. I hope that I am going to be able too bring my guitar. It will only fit in one of those "Coffins" which are huge, and I was planning on packing the electronics in it. The Six Stringed Guitar, being a new element in SSPS might be expendable. I am going to try and bring it though. It is so fun too play, this Guitar. After all of these years playing bass, why did I wait so long? When the time is right, it happens. It just happens. The instruments choose you. I am planning on traveling with as little as possible. I have been readjusting my live rig for international travel. I'm going to mash it up, seen?

I found a video of my friends band- Terrible Eagle at Creepy Teepee 2010.

...and a couple of other things that caught my eye...

Because of expenses associated with this trip, I must postpone the limited edition 100 records. I will be going ahead with the CDR's though. I have too get cracking on the art work. I'll be travelling with cassettes and CDR's from both- EXCEPTER and SSPS. I am sorry, but I am out of the split LED ER EST/SSPS split 7 inchs. I got a couple of trips going down at work, so it is going too be a busy month! Damn, a truckers life is hard. I'll be in Chicago for a jaunt but, it's gonna be extremely busy. In and out. Then I am off too Florida. When I return there will be a special "LEO" edition of Particularly Random. THen Europe. more later when I can fill you in on all of the Juicy details concerning Germany and the shows...
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