Friday, September 18, 2009


This city is just my speed! It's got that "Daytime Desolation", much like Pittsburgh, Pa. The people were so K.A (kick ass)!!! It was most definitely the most diverse crowd that Excepter has played for. It was just about equal, black and white! I have not seen that many black people @ an electronic music happening since DJ Rush's parties in the early 90's. Nathan and I had a slave/master relationship with our midi clocks for the first time, and it was a symbiotic relationship that we have gotta get JF in on. The 707 (me), 808 (JF), and 909 (N8), sound so good together. We're on some Destiny's Child shit, as far as the machine scene is concerned. Analog Sex Symbols = Excepter Midwest tour 2009!!! I finally met DJ Deadbeat, who I have been in correspondence with for the greater part of a year. Tonight is gonna be a hoot in Chicago. Pizza Puffs, all day. There is a Cat Circus, before our show! I can't wait. I get to drive the stick shift station wagon today. I'll try not to rip out the trannie! JK! I seriously can't wait to whip my slave!!!!
From Detroit,

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