Thursday, September 17, 2009


How goes it, y'all? Hanging tough in Ohio, Super 8 stylee! It's 8:45AM. Got up early for some free breakfast fever. Oberlin, Ohio was great. The Art Museum has an art rental program. It's pretty sick! Have you ever pee'd with an originial Salvadore Dali piece propped up against a toilet water tank? The show was great, in my opinion. The "Woods" (with my buddy - Lucas Crane), also from Brooklyn shared the stage with us last night. It was the last show of a six week tour for them! For us, it was the first of four... a long weekend, for us. THey got rid of the turntables @ the Scoand I got a rare chance at aa little digthrougth the crates! 43 Records have been added to the collection! The crown jewels were a rare Claudio Simmonette 12" and a Factory Record by 52nd Street that Ron Hardy used to beat out, and has been high on my want list for years! Got some Wax Trax stuff (Luk Van Acker, Pailhead, Revolting Cocks)... some campy stuff, some italo stuff... watch out because my "Want a New Drug" double record juggle game is gonna get real tight when I return! I can see where Dan Selzer, Morgan Giest, Ryan Chowdery,etc... got some of that heat from! Kudo's to you Oberlin! You are molding some of the greatest minds in the land and I am thankfull to help the kids, "let off some steam" via musical teleportation! I've been going picture crazy. I'll get em on up when we get back. I bought a domain name, right before I left. I'll get that up and running, soon too. Tonight, might be the last night that any one is going to be able to get the SSPS/LED ER EST split 7inch:-@ There are 15 left. The Black Beach is here and so is the La Sala Rosa CD! I get so excited when new Excepter shit comes out! Gonna Do Detroit up right, tonight!!!
From the road---
Cha Cha Ciao,

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