Monday, April 18, 2011

OTR Again...

Hello, all. It's been some time since I last shared with you. The fact is, I have become a truck driver again and the workload has me running crazy. I'm trucking around Fine Art and Antiques. It is a hell of a task. I am by myself, for one. Dealing with such high value objects without those other two hands of your helper is a difficult task. Everything takes longer. It is nice to get paid for what you do though and if I must push this little rig alone,that I am hauling objects that I am interested in, and not microwaves, or some other cargo that I could give two shits about. It's a lonely existence when you are on the road alone. You check into your hotel- alone. You are often in the middle of nowhere- alone.Photobucket You're in touch with the office, but they are for the most part, a million miles away, and are not experiencing the traffic, construction,etc... I can only wonder how these things are taken into account when it gets crazy... Weigh Stations. The size of the trucks. The size of the Art Object that is not taken into account when it is purchased at the gallery, where there is room to maneuver large objects properly, versus your home- where the object will not fit through any door or window when it gets to your house. The truck routes of cities that are foreign to you. The shitty food choices. The log books. The weather. The loneliness. There is an upside. I do like the travelling. It's a lot like being on tour, only you get paid. In all of my touring, I am often broke, and losing money. It is nice to get that check and provide for your self and your family, if you have one. When you get to a city where you know some people, it's nice to look them up, after work is done.Photobucket It was nice to see the Bike Club in Minneapolis. Photobucket
It was even better to see a long lost brother from the Hard Core days!Photobucket
I like going into the strange bars, where I am the odd man out, trying to initiate conversations with people who don't trust you. I don't even need to try to mess with people. I just am. In a lot of these redneck bars I walk into, I defy the stereotype of both truck drivers, and black people. I defy black stereotypes to the few black people that I encounter in these places. Drugs seem so much nastier in the country than in the city. The absence of any kind of middle class is a mind fuck for any Carpetbagger that comes to the South. There is only rich and poor, black and white, in the country, when you are in a bar. This is my experience, and mine alone. I have the SSPS Power Drone with me and have been recording my musical experiences from various locations in this great land of ours.

SSPS makes it's return to NYC this Friday when the Private Sector plays live in commemoration of the new "SKY PLANE FIELD ROAD" CDR, self released on AVANT GOD with all new songs- at Wreck Room in Brooklyn, NY. The show is free and is located at 940 Flushing in beautiful Bushwick.I'm back on the Blog, so as Buddy says- "I'll smell ya later!"
Cha Cha Ciao!!!

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