Saturday, May 5, 2012

(Old News) Who Are The Real Jocks?

Hey. Here's some old news... 29-2-2012
Back in the Saddle Part Two
The Big Buffalo Snow Lodge is pretty awesome. It was the first time that I had ever played the Guitar with a Loop Pedal. I must say, I am liking this, yes- yes.
Who Are The Real Jocks?
Last night, S.S.P.S. played a show. It was a blast and I thank everyone who came and everyone who played. The musical fare was mostly electronic- from Drone to Dance. The venue suggested a seemingly rock and roll atmosphere with patrons to match. There was also a synth driven indy rock band, but I am talking bout the pure electronic music that was presented over the course of the evening, when the "rock" ended for a few hours. The morning after, I asked myself- Who are the real jocks? When a "pure electronic" music replaces a proto-typical "Rock and Roll" situation, the punks become the jocks.

I love a night that degenerates into chaos. I am saying this in a romantic sense. I love when a night degenerates into chaos in retrospect. In retrospect, I love how night situations unfold too my amusement. When I pulled up to the Lone Wolf, Behavior was already playing. They might have been into their second song. I was to play second and I did my thang. There were a couple of hecklers in the crowd. I shut them up in my segway to "Sweet Children." There was no more shit talking for the duration of the set. Did an encore that was a cover melody of THere's a Woman" by Gino Soccio and "Terminal to Infinity" off of the SSPS Cassette.
Obsolete Units has recently run out cassettes but there might be reprint in the works More on that later. Long Distance Poison bought the house down to close it out with a percussion-less four piece drone synth attack. Before they could even finish, they were shut off by the bar, replacing the apex of the evening with Bon Jovi or some other rock and roll bullshit. All right. Finally, some "real" music. Bullocks. I got the fuck out of there after a table got flipped over. This place is no Duffs. It's a wanna be.

Shit. I have been working so much that I have had no time to blog it up with y'all. Everything that I'd written before today are irrelevant. I have different problems today. I need to make a flow chart. The Power Drone MkIII is at last complete. Well, it needs to be racked.

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