Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm back. Went to a Wedding...

I have been so reluctant to be by the computer, doing anything. It's been so busy outside the computer world... all sorts of music and extra cirricular activities, usually centered around music. Some visual art. A lot of bull shit. There is little downtime. There is however, love, tragedy, joy and disappointment, mirth and merriment- it all goes down so fast. Played some shows. Eye and Ear 3 was a hoot! Didn't catch the first night. Went to the ex wife's wedding. DSCN0176
Most people are like- "You were invited to your ex's wedding?" or "Did you feel weird?"... all sorts of questions and comments. I'm going to be honest... I did feel somewhat weird... about seeing the ex's family for the first time since our divorce. I'm so glad I saw them. They were so kind, and they said so many awesome things to my new Love... it warms my heart, as much as it reassures me of my decision to allow myself to be swept off of my feet by a totally awesome Lady (and the word Lady must have a capital "L!" She's that great!!!) I'm most glad that we could both find happiness for ourselves and retain our friendship. It's one of those good things about adulthood, you know? Maturity. Sounds crazy, right? But it ain't. Kudos to you, Linda and Philip! I am certain that you will have many, many happy times together!!!
I'll get some posts about the creative things going on, later today. I just wanted to share this revelation of adult life with y'all! Cha Cha Ciao!!!

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