Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Who doesn't like a good Cat flick? Here is a showcase of the little dudes that we call "Cats" that I pass by in my day to day life.
5th Ave and 61st st. Bruiser
This dude was a little bruiser!
5th Ave and 61st st. Bruiser 2
Here's his buddy.
Bodega Boogie. Princess
Caterwaller!!!! (cell phone pic from a month earlier)
Bling out your Street Cat! It's Hott!!!
SSPX0371 (Brooklyn Lynxx)
I met a miniature Lynx in Williamsburg. (via cell phone)
Studio Cat - East Williamsburg
Check out this Fluffy Fluff. An East Williamsburg art studio mascot.
Mom's Doppelganger/ Stanhope and Central. Brooklyn NY
The Bodega Mouser. Brooklyn.
Bodega Boogie. Shy cat
Check out this Bodega Beauty - Shy Cat!!!
SSPX0352 (Street Cat 3)
The Groundskeeper. Brooklyn (via cell phone)
Fort Green, Brooklyn.
A Cat Goes Missing in Brooklyn!!!

Be sure to look out for your buddies! More close encounters of a Cat kind really soon!!!

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