Thursday, March 10, 2011

Build Your Own Soundcloud. I did.

So, what's going on with your "internet modern musicing", these days? Are you half way sick of "your space" yet? We don't need to talk about that bullshit because I know we all are. I've been on this "Soundcloud" kick and the more I am finding out about this contraption, the more I enjoy it. It's much easier to navigate than "your space"- pages don't take ten years to load because there is no bullshit ass content to load. I'd been sitting on this one for a second. I am even starting too see some old friends popping around. It will be interesting to see how Soundcloud develops. As an all around music/art dude, this is the joint. I put out an EP out while I was uploading some sounds from the cassette tape archives...
"Mas Horas Cinquentas" Virtual EP by SSPS


  1. i'm so smoking a spliff to this.

  2. Check out Mixcloud as well. Great resource for DJ mixes -- no time limits, just file size limits. Both are great.