Saturday, March 12, 2011


Who is that dirty dude, skinny dipping in the East River? It's James. Riding hard. Feeling the groove. A man of accomplishment. Since our first time skinny dipping in the East River in 2003, he has arrived. I mean, he'd doned arrived some times ago go.
(He's much more muscular today)

In the last 11 Years, as dance music really started picking picking up on the East Side of the East River, dance music was starting to emanate from Manhattans dirtier, rowdier sibling - Brooklyn, a new breed of DJ's and musicians were dumpster diving their way to the top of the game. Once, words like House, Techno, or the"thought of that kind of dance music" would make people cringe. It was only then that the proverbial pinkie finger called "Italo Disco" was starting to be inserted back into Rock and Roll's butt, late at night, after a long hiatus. Anyways, I knew I'd met a special dude when we met. I love how these magical things work, that Eight solid years later, we would share such a night such as PARTICULARLY RANDOM AT TANDEM. Where we go out of our way to give you pleasure. He made a NEW MIX to titalate your dance desires. You should hop up on this one when your putting on your spring time night duds!Tonight at RANDOM TANDEM, we have our friend COUSIN COLE in the building!!! Oh my goodness- I am listening to this nice little track of his right now... There's a gang of stuff up on his soundcloud for the House and Disco heads. We have all types up in here, hunty. I am going to also be playing some new SSPS Deaddits and tracks made just for us, tonight. I was digging around in my CD's and found one in the RED LIGHT DISCO MIX ARCHIVES from 2004. There's some heaters on it. SEE YA ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

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