Friday, January 13, 2012

Live on Cesar Chavez Blvd: Excepter Returns

After a year in hiatus, Excepter awakens from it's dormant state. This time we find ourselves on the Left Coast. Fun in the sun- night life with a hint of Dan Flavin. Sweating to the oldies, a modern day sock hop for the Children on the Damned, an LA Excepter takes stage. As, per usual for me, anyways- I was late getting into town and got no time to sound check. I drove into LA around 10:30-11PM. I had woke woke up late but was out of the room and on the road by 9AM. The day before, I had left Santa Fe way later than expected. Nathan and I went out for breakfast, and then for a hike. He is dong well and sends his regards. It was beautiful in Santa Fe. I can see why he is out there and not in some other rat cage of a city. He's a Mountain Boy anyways. I tend to think romantically about the whole notion. Living on the edge of a South Western town. I can't wait to go out there again. The land is really enchanted. It was eighteen degrees when I woke up in Holcomb on the 10th of December. I had driven from Holcomb, Az. to Phoenix- worked for 4 hours dealing with a nice sized lot of post modern furniture at Red Modern, and straight to L.A. One Shot -got to the City of Angels, unloaded, set up and played -almost no time to drink the beer that I'd cracked immediately upon arrival. I'd stopped once for Diesel and Taco Bell in Cochella. I'd worked for the full 14 hours allowed by law. Ten hours behind the wheel is brutal, no matter who you are. Multiply those fourteen hours by seventy a week, and that's a truck drivers life. I had driven 10,000 miles (16093.44 kilometers) in three weeks... and that was my fifth trip in a row since September. For the last year, my life has been the road. Making the miles. It's almost like being on tour only there is no live music every night, or cool motherfuckers to shoot the shit with. You get paid for driving a truck. Touring is shoveling money into a furnace and loving the sweet misery. It was rad to get out of the truck and see La Familia Excepter. It'd been a while since I'd seen them... with the added bonus of Erica being there for the weekend... Teddy was there tooo... boyyyeeee..... I felt like I was back in Brooklyn for a split second! Twilight Zone, indeed. That made the push more than worth it!
Ariel Pink played a surprise karaoke set. Duets with this guy who was reminding me of Damned Rat Scabies sings for "Hit and Run" Era TSOL. LA Rockers on late night AM radio. It's a life style choice. It was awesome. I wish I could have recorded it. It was ashamed that I didn't get a chance to pick his brain, a little. I love Ariel. I'd missed the first act. James Ferraro wasn't there. I'm beginning to wonder if he is a real person. I have to admit, I do love his elusive ways. From what I remember, Puro Instinct beat it nasty. they were very "LA", and when I say that, I mean "LA way" like Missing Persons-esque, but not throw back kitsch, and when I say "nasty", I mean- "Who's that eating that nasty fruit?- 'Nasty Boys' Nasty" plus Missing Persons. I was out of sorts after the drive, but that's Rock and Roll.

Live on Cesar Chavez Blvd: Excepter Returns from SSPS on Vimeo.

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