Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I (under my SSPS guise) played a show. It was the first show of 2012 and aside from forgetting the words for some new songs, and misplacing my production notes, thus not playing a couple of songs, I think the show went alright. I have never really satisfied with the SSPS shows like I am when Excepter plays. For one, I'm alone. I am my own harshest critic. There is no one else to blame. Not that there is (blame) in Excepter. They are two distinctly different agendas. If Excepter is togetherness and friendship inside of an exquisite corpse, SSPS is loneliness- a man and his machines on a vision quest trying to make sense of his surroundings. I was a bit nervous, to tell you the truth. It was a star studded affair, my rock and roll peers and friends were there, many of which I have not seen all year since i have been pushing this truck. Below is a video of the set filmed by Professor Genius.

Detail shot by Steve Summers (with somewhat better sound quality)-

For those of you who aren't familiar, I have been part of a monthly party at Tandem in
Brooklyn, NY for just over two years. It's called Particularly Random. In my years of record collecting and spinning records, it has been my favorite residency since the Double Door's "Redlite Dirtroom" parties in Chicago (with another cohort known today as "Svengali's Ghost"(more on him later) in 1997. In fact, It's the only other residency that I have ever held. Fellow Random Dude- James Stache archives most of them. With my being gone all of the time, I have been fortunate to have only missed three or four parties, last month. This was my first DJ appearance in two months! Set list for the entire night is up. James- your an ambitious dude listing the set list for the entire evening! We are a bunch of nerds!
TTY'all La'!

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