Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This Saturday, the 21st of January, 2012- SSPS plays it's first show of the year with a global line up that is sure to pump!!! Get to Brooklyn, as we are about to straight through the eye of the super nova---

DJ sets by
//Traxx (Nation Records, Chicago)
//Alienata (Nation Records, Spain)

LIVE sets by
//SSPS (Nation Records, Brooklyn)
//Entro Senestre (W.T. Records, CT) LIVE DEBUT
//Huerco S (Other Heights, Kansas City) 2nd NYC SHOW EVER

//Body Actualized

Saturday, January 21st, 2012.
$10 before midnight, $15 after
Doors at 9:00p

Vibes HQ/Body Actualized
143 Troutman St.
Bushwick, Brooklyn
L to Morgan/JMZ to Myrtle


http://vibesmanagement.com/ ++ http://bodyactualized.com/

-{Traxx}- Nation/Chicago
DJ. Producer. Owner of Nation Records http://www.jak-nation/.

"Traxx is possibly my favorite DJ in the world. And while many DJs can't successfully execute their ideals in their own productions, his music is exactly the kind of amazing stuff that he would spin. His overwhelming passion for great music comes through in his production. The pinnacle of his art, whether he is DJing or producing, is his ability to seize the moment and make crucial changes only when they are necessary. His art is not just a 'back to basics' approach, but a refinement of styles that have been abandoned for music with slick transitions and needless ornamentation. This is Jakbeat in its rawest form." Tadd Mullinix aka James T Cotton, Dabrye, Saturn V, 2AMFM, X2

-{Alienata}- Nation/Berlin,Valencia

It all started in 2000 and since then this mysterious ladylike lifeform
has dedicated herself to learning & analyzing sound in all of its forms:
Obsessive Analogy, Microloops coming from any source (even including fridge's plug), Dub, Dark Disco, IDM, endless Miles Davis songs, Jakbeat, Analogic Textures, Sexual Dark Experimental Hybrids,Cosmic rhythm and beautiful Aquatic Dark Electro tracks, those timid and young sets at Ocio (Murcia) and many other city clubs in Spain while touching down on uncountable raves and nights across northern Italy having first contact with german scene through the homoelektrik group in Berlin and Leipzig, Moss club (Murcia), Fusion Festival (Lärz)...

In 2006 she collaborated with the Overflow Collective that was not only involved in parties but in theatre and music workshops dealing with technology which then opened doors she became apart of Montreal's electronic scene and Mutek festival.she lived during 2007, as resident deejay at Laïka venue and participating in different clubbing events, like Piknik Electronik, sharing billed events with many famous European and North American artists.

Once back in Spain (Valencia), she took up her career again as part of the Overflow team, where she began showing her exquisite and authentic musical selection through plenty of clubs around the country and also abroad.
In 2008 Alienata was also responsible for musical direction of Overflow records label, where she was able to expand her good and expert musical taste.

In late 2011 she decided to move to Berlin. She is currently working for Nation - the label of Traxx where she is preparing her first productions to be released in the late sping early summer of 2012.


SSPS is a sound project that is the brainchild of Jon "Porkchop" Nicholson,
who is also a member of the electronic band Excepter.

-{Entro Senestre}- WT Records/CT
VIBES-APPROVED ALIEN DANCE MUSIC -- http://soundcloud.com/entrosenestre

“I’m from Connecticut. I’m 26. I’m a gear head. I like old synthesizers and drum machines. I’m not that concerned with any particular genre (house, techno, or electro) , but more interested in making synthesizer music, whether it be experimental or something dance-y.” -Entro Senestre

-{Huerco S.}-

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