Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remember when you discovered "underground" music?

... and Husker Du was god? The first Husker Du record I heard was "Land Speed Record". I was 12 year old, and, Sunny Masek's sister (Tricia?), lent me 2 records, "Land Speed Record" and Butthole Surfers- "Brown Reason to live". Do the Bee was my favorite song. It took me some time to realize that that they didn't make a record player that played at 69RPM with the Butthole Surfers record, so, I listened to it at both 33.3 and 45RPM. It was equally nightmarish. The punk wave was sweeping through the waste lands of the city and the suburbs in 1984-5. All ages shows allowed the under age to congregate with one another, developing friends in different areas, before having even a drivers license. It was an "older kids" place, and they let you know it, until, they'd seen you around for a year or two, then it was about respect. Following bands was a lot of fun, before the internet- Correspondence, fanzines and hand bills. All this time later, I am thankful to play in a band that does shit, and turn people on, like I was turned on. Punk, or, hardcore punk music seemed small, intimate, even in my 12 year old mind. There were few kids that you could even talk to about this type of music with in 1985. Hell, we were still break dancing, but that was the flip side of youth culture. What was music for nerds in 1985 became music for football teams in 1992, at least in my experience. I had a deep resentment for the grunge scene, in high school. I blamed them for exposing what was small and intimate to the greater world of ass holes. I'd come to learn that this theory is garbage and it's all about the circle of life. Circle Pit.

Husker Du

Butthole Surfers

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