Sunday, January 2, 2011


Jan. 1 2011 6PM.
I woke up and this was the first music I heard after I woke up, this afternoon. Excepter never ceases to amaze and in that way that I can partake in a private happiness through being able to observe Excepter as a true fan.

(Lala Harrison Ryan as S.E.T.H. @ Knitting Factory, Brooklyn NY)
You need to check out the Wizard.--
He's the man. After I watched the video I listened to Ludwig Van Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

So beautiful. I cleaned the house. Dicked around on the Casio. Taught my self a little bit. Ode to Joy indeed. Inspired by a one Jim Grimes' Facebook picture of some Star Wars pancakes, I made some Mickey Mouse waffles and bacon.
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2010 has been a fucked up year. The two places that I worked for went under, one of which I had worked at for 7 years. The other of which was what I believe to be an intentional rip off, by a complete sociopath, in total, fucking me out of a good $5000, last year. I am really feeling the pinch with trying to make up for lost money with out selling everything I own. This year is going to be different. I have never been so close to ending up in the streets since when I was in my early 20's. The major differences are that, at 37, I work, and I do the things that are supposed to guarantee me some kind of security, like going to work on time and having a good work ethic. Being an art handler is great and all. The last decade in NYC has been more good to me than bad. I feel like because of someone else's business decisions, or lack of, have in a sense black listed me from working in the industry. I know it's not true. If anything, I know in my understanding that it's partly the art economy. There are not as many art jobs like there were a couple of years ago. Expand. Contract. The art world in a nutshell. It's just starting to recover but it is still bumpy as shit and unpredictable. Let this year be better than the last one.

I'd wanted to write about my job for a minute, but have not too much.
Too busy looking for jobs!
(Zach and Lip in action with Peter Saul @ Marc Jancou- NYC)
Naw, but seriously, I am going to be committing myself to giving the followers of the Pyramid more of an inside look into what I consider my quintessential NY experience.
(Lichens @ Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn NY)
I've been doing sound at this spot in Brooklyn. They do all ages shows as well as 21+. It's really great to be back in an all ages setting but on the other side, helping to backline the bands and making sure my mic's don't get stolen or broken and all that shit. The large gamut of music that is the greater live music world in north Brooklyn.

As crazy as my life as been, for others it is much worse. I have seen illness in the lives of people I love and it is never easy. I lost my mother to cancer after all, and it was the hardest I had ever had to face mentally. We can only remain positive and send out our energy to them, in hopes that it can somehow help in the mental fight against illness. Stay strong, wild, and peaceful!
I'll have more. There is much, much more... and it's only the second of the month! Have a better 2011!

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  1. Keep on truckin Uncle Porkchop! 2011 will be good to you. Love, Victory