Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things You May Have Missed: Homework

These dudes went to Europe, last November and broke off a piece of the electronic funk that Chicago is so revered for having. I ran across this little video of Traxx beating a track called "Tribute" and was reworked from a little known track called Lil Louis called "Homework". It's subtle changes in sequence and rhythm are the key for any proper jack track. There are very few copies of any surviving recordings of this track, that was privately passed around in the late 80's via cassette tape and fewer people have been so daring as to play such a coveted track. The original has long since been lost. Regardless, it is a privilege to hear Homework's "Tribute" in any form out on the dancefloor.


  1. and the record sleeve makes a pyramid in the corner too

  2. thats not Homework, thats what i completely re-wrote from scratch cause the tape of the original is gone so i wrote this in an honor
    of the original called Tribute.
    Big Thanx SSPS!!!