Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Response to Mike Wolf of the Voice

There was a show reviewed in the voice. You can read it-here. It was a good time and I appreciate the constructive criticism. In my defense, I can say that I do have the tendency to play long format sets in underground settings. What we have here, in my eyes, is an underground show where time is not as much of an issue than at any show there there are concrete schedules and artists can express themselves, as artists. If I would have played, when I was supposed to go on and push it to the limit, I would have played for a half hour at 9:30PM, the Markers would have played, and the whole show would have been over before midnight. I don't think the kind people who threw the show, would rent a space and put all of that effort into doing a show that was gonna end before midnight. I totally grew up with that rock and roll time space continuum experience. Half hour blasts of expression. Punk. Noise. All of that. My program, for the most part, is outside of those short bursts and certain sequences take time to unfold. The Markers kicked ass. What we do is different as night and day, and clearly, when you put two, achingly different acts together, there will be some tension on the floor. I saw more interest than disinterest. There was no mention of the people who danced and cheered in appreciation. While it's cool, I was not aware that basement keg parties were the types of shows that were being reviewed in the Voice. Must be trying to give the music section that "zine" feel. A little grit. I like that.


  1. Sorry I missed it. The reviewer seemed to praise you for several things, but he just couldn't get past the length of time, and maybe the destruction of an 'innocent' digital music device. I don't get invited to dinner parties a lot, but if he ever invited me to one, at least I'd know not to go.

  2. He said some great things. It also sounded like I fucked up the night for going too long so the night was in need of being saved. I had to say something about that. It was the first show of the year. The next one will be better.

  3. honest output 2 respond!
    thatz all anyone can do.