Thursday, January 13, 2011


Tonight, and every Thursday for that matter- "KITTY" comes to your Wreckroom! "KITTY" is Bushwick's first night catering to the Queer and the Feline Enthusiast alike. I like to think of Wreckwroom as that type of place where the aware, the curious, the few, the proud, the free, can go and do it up on a shoe string budget. ALL ARE WELCOME. Except a few of you assholes out there (you know who you are).
I want last week and had a blast! The Cat Fancy centerfolds are to die for... and dancing in a leather miniskirt can be quite fun! I seriously felt like Chaka Khan for a seccond. This is the second week! Heres the rundown...
This shindig is bought to you by JERK PARTY who does a Fabulous Lifestyle Blog and R.M.Rudy ESQ- Lesbian Extrordinare.

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